Flames. Again!?

Guess what. Egypt is on fire. Again. When people were celebrating Obama’s win, the El Ghad Party (political party) went up in flames.

It seems that the people who did this, were trying to stop the party from getting any more people into the house. An Egyptian newspaper published photos showing a “group of thugs” who started to burn the headquarters of the party, throwing rocks at it, (really big rocks) also setting clothes on fire and throwing them at the headquarters. Finally, they wrestled with the firemen who were trying to put out the fire. (They also smashed cars parked by the building, and stole antiques inside the building before and after is was on fire.)

After that, the thugs danced in a public square, celebrating their victory in burning the building down! This all happened in full daylight, with the strange absence of police. It seems that police refused orders to protect the building, and even stopped traffic going by, so that the thugs could burn it down in relative peace.

Luckily, all the party members trapped inside, escaped with only their life. The bad part is that they were blamed for causing the fire, with all the other damage, in the first place!

It gets worse. Yes, it does. The two people who leaded that group of thugs were late party members who got kicked out of the party. They are Mousa Mostafa Mousa and Ragab Helal Hemida. All the ‘national’ media tried to portray it as a conflict between two sides of the party, ending in smoke and flames, but we know better. It was a move that was trying to scare the public from voting any members of that party in again. Ever again.

Below are pictures of the crime that ended up in a local newspaper.

The guy with the arrow over his head is Mousa Mostafa Mousa himself. The picture below shows him and his ‘thugs’ sauntering up to the building.

Isn’t that nice. Set the building on fire, then blame your enemy for it. Also, there are no police on guard (even if they were ordered to) to stop them or press charges.

All the pictures here (and more) were found here. This was a link from this site.

The main site says that Mousa is just a puppet for another person. The mystery is when that other person will appear. (if ever) Thanks for reading all of this.


2 Responses to “Flames. Again!?”

  1. This is very interesting and very crazy. People get so worked up over things and things just get out of control. This shouldnt happen and fire especially should be brought into a situation like this.

  2. Wow, these people party weird I couldn’t believe that people will do this. Thta very dumb for people to do that. that very sad that other people will get blamed for it.

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