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The Smoothwall is Breaking? OR Finding Tiny Cracks in the Smoothwall Defense Sytem

October 30, 2009

Smoothwall. What do you know about Smoothwall? It seems to be a kind of site blocker. Smoothwall has been installed at our school. The horror. No, really. Let me explain. Here’s the picture before Smoothwall… “A kid Named Yoshio Naru* skips merrily along the path to the local school. Grinning to himself, he thinks of […]

A Meter that Knows More About Your Spending Than you do.

February 18, 2009

iGoogle has just brought out a new gadget. It shows the users power consumption in near-real time! If people know about their power-eating problems (where they are spending the most power), they can easily fix the problem. If they didn’t have this gadget, they wouldn’t know until maybe years later, costing the user a ton […]

The Post

November 7, 2008

Blogging. This is the post. The post about looking back on my blogging and all my iGoogle stuff. This is some info about my blog. Including this one, I have 19 posts in 2 pages, within 5 categories and no tags so far. I have gotten 16 comments, that I have all approved, I have […]