This is actually all done in stop motion photography.

The first thing they pull out of the box is a pair of earphones, then a charger, and a USB cable. Finally, the Nexus.

If this isn’t awesome enough for you, try the video below.


Smoothwall is down.

Not just in the library, but the whole school!

Remember that cry of anguish that I talked about a couple posts ago?

Backspace that.

We now have facebook and everything. Facebook is kinda messed up, but it still works.

I hope it stays like this.

I mean, we already had a site blocker.

Come on…


Smoothwall is down again.

*grumbles* Stupid false alarm



Do adults get tested? Sure. Driving tests, job tests, and the like.

What if adults had to get a test to become parents? What would be on it? How many people would try to get past it? How many people would fail, and why?

This is the question we have to answer in a speech for Home-Ec. Help.

The very first thing we have to do is to decide whether we agree with this idea or not. I agreed, just so it made things easier.

Then we had to write down some testing areas that might be on the test. If we didn’t agree with the idea, you simply had to say why. Easier said than done.

Next, we also had to choose three or four testing areas, and explain why they would be important. Explain in basically a paragraph. I mean, how can you drag something so simple out into a paragraph? Well, I had to, because this all counted for planning.

Now comes the long part. Writing the actual speech. No, not the final copy, the rough draft. How much longer can this go on!

You see, the Home-Ec class right before Christmas Break, our Home-Ec teacher told us about this four minuet speech that we had to do when we came back. That left us all worrying. Stewing in our own juices, if you will.

Then, when we come back, she tells us that we were writing a two minuet speech. Finally! Something good is happening!

But honestly, how long can someone drag something on for?


These are my issues….

This is my world issue.

An end to slavery.

As you probably know, slavery is when you put a price on a life. It’s when you buy a human, and then force that human to work. Or effectively whatever you want them to do.
In fact, today, right now, twenty seven million people are in slavery. Unfortunately, their stories are kept well hidden from the general public.

Every human is human. Every person should have equal rights. What would you do if you were stuck as a ‘slave’ right now? Would you feel angry? Anger at who? Your ‘master’? The government, for not stopping slavery? Now imagine almost twenty seven people around the world, feeling that right this instant. What will you do?

Think about those twenty seven million people for a second. In 1860, a slave census was taken in some part of the united states. The person with the highest number of slaves was 1,130. In 1860. With the huge population growth, think about how high that number would be now. Hmmm. In fact, there are more slaves now, then at any other time in recorded history. Once again, probably because of the massively growing population.
Still, you would think that with our ‘civilized’ world, slavery would be non-existent. Sadly not true. In nearly every country, slavery is abolished. In every country, it’s still being practiced. At least we tried, right?

What would actually happen is slavery ended? Every rich person would have to do their own work. They would have to get off of their high horsey-hay-stack-thing and actually do something. That would mean a decline in world happiness, but nothing major that I can see.

The very first reliable recorded incident of slavery is from the 1500’s. In the land that we now call Canada, a Portuguese explorer called Gaspar Corte-Real sailed here, and took 50 Indian men and woman slavery. In Newfoundland.
There was probably slavery in Ancient Egypt. All of those rich people couldn’t be expected to hump all of their stuff around, right?
Ancient Greece and Rome? Think Coloseums and pillar-y temples.

Slavery seems to be an ancient world tradition. Why stop now? Now we can see that woman are as equal as men. We now know that everyone is equal. If we know all of these things, why are we still clinging to slavery?

Slavery is my wish for the world this Christmas season, because it’s just wrong. I hate even the idea of slavery, ever since I read the Chronicles of Narnia, and it talked about slavery. They used the talking horses to do work for them. I hated the idea of those proud beasts being forced to do things like that.

End slavery. Spend this Christmas in relative peace.


– Through rain and sleet and snow and ooze, we will always bring you the news.

– When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The not so tough hide under a Ford.

– Money talks, I won’t deny, I heard it once, it said ‘good-bye’.

– I’ve changed my mind a couple of times. It seems to work better now.

– I like getting out of bed so much, I do it three or four times a day!

– If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen!



I have made some changes around here.

You probably see some new things right now.

(Dare I say it) But wait, there’s more!

I have a challenge for whoever wants to post comments.

If your comment has the following four words in it, it will be marked as spam. The words are





If I get a comment that has some of these words in it, they will appear as XXX

-Good Luck.

This will be terminated on January First.


Why are they so cold?

They have everything

Toques, good coats and gloves,

Yet they resist

You can see them instantly

Walking quickly, heads down,

hurrying like so many lemmings,

toward some source of heat.

Why must they suffer?

In 30 below weather

they have nothing but a flimsy coat.

Going with the flow is better than…..

What? Looking dorky?

Dorky but warm.


This is the final chunk for The Outsiders for S.E.Hinton. We are working on chapters nine to twelve.

In these chapters, the greasers and the Socs have a rumble. Fight. Whatever.

Johnny finally dies. As does Dally.

The greasers win the fight, but Ponyboy gets hurt. He becomes delirious and has to stay in bed. Missing school. Kids from school come to visit him. Along with Randy. He makes the mistake about saying that Johnny had died, and Ponyboy denies everything. Poor Child.

When it comes time for the court for Johnny, Ponyboy, and Bob and Randy, Ponyboy hardly knows what’s going on. In the end, the court goes well. Everything’s all shiny and bright. Except Ponyboy.

Why does death make people go mad/sick/into depression?

It’s a well known fact in the written world. In the very first Artimis Fowl book, Artimis’s mother goes into depression after her husband is lost, presumed dead. Many people always seem to add that extra feature. Guy’s wife died, goes mad, kills his umpteen thousand kids. Why?

Also, why does extreme happiness lead to death. Guy wins lottery, dead next day.

At least that is easy to answer. People kill for money. But killing for… sadness?

Actually, near the end of the book, Ponyboy’s teacher notices this at school, and he gives him one more chance on a writing assignment. He looks for a long time on what to write about, and finally starts to write the events of the last twelve chapters. He writes The Outsiders.

Greif leads to a great book.

In theory.




Glad you came back.

We are now working on dumping chapters five to eight from The Outsiders (S.E Hinton) into our giant food processors of knowledge. I hope you have yours set on the ‘finely ground’ setting, because there are some very important parts of the story happening right here.

Violence seems mandatory when you’re living like Ponyboy and all of those people.


Why do people have to fight to survive? Everyone should get an equal chance at a good life, but I guess not many people think so. Weird how those same people do the beating up.

And like it. Usually.

Bob was drowning Ponyboy, just because he was alive. Johnny had to stab him. More violence.

Now, Johnny and Pony are hiding out on top of Jay Mountain. In an old, creepy church. Because of violence.

Then the fire hits. Little kids are trapped inside, and both Johnny and Ponyboy jump at the chance to save them. Literally. Through a window. Why do they save the kids? Dally even told the boys to stay in the car. If they did, they wouldn’t have a chance to save anybody. And Johnny wouldn’t die.

I guess you could say that Johnny died because of violence. He was on Jay Mountain because of Bob. Another victim.

Later, in Chapter seven, the book talks about how the Curtis’s door was always open, in case another member of the group needed a place to sleep during the night. Why might they need a place? Violence.



Hi there.


What is The Outsiders? It’s a book. It was copyrighted in nineteen and sixty-seven. Author: S.E.Hinton.

I’m here to tell you what happens in the first two chapters.

Well, not really tell. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the book to find out what the whole story is. I’m just here to tell people about my thoughts. The ones concerning chapters one and two of The Outsiders.

First up: Ponyboy. He is 14 years of age. His nickname is Pony. I (for some reason) wouldn’t really like to have a name like that. It would appear that Ponyboy doesn’t mind. At all.

The first time you see Pony is when he’s walking home from the movies, all alone. Broad daylight. He’s the smart one in his family. He actually goes to school, and gets good grades on top of it. The bad part is that he never seems to use his head. He does stupid things, like walking alone. He could easily be beaten up by the Socialites. The Socialites are the really high-class rich kids. They go by Socs. (So-shay-‘s / So-shis-‘s)

In fact, Ponyboy nearly does get beaten up. I can’t tell you about that though. Buy the book.

Here’s a question. Why do the Socs beat up the greasers? (Greaser is what the Socs call the people on the East Side. The Socs themselves live on the West Side.) If the Socs are all rich, and have a lot of stuff, you would think that they could find something better to do with their time besides beating up random people.

That’s something that I really don’t get. I just can’t see the reasoning. Is there any logic behind their seemingly random attacks? Or are they actually random? Why would they even beat the greasers up? They hardly have anything to steal, so that can’t be it.

Does anyone have an answer to this?

I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Socs Vs. greasers. Kinda


Conflict is natural. It happens everywhere, and is inescapable. People in a crowded space for weeks on end will get bitter and fight for authority. In schools, peers will bully the odd one out. The weakest. The one with all of the answers. War is a conflict on a massive scale.

With all of the conflict that is happening, all of it seems the same. It’s not. There are actually four very different types.

-Man Vs. Man

-Man Vs. Himself

-Man Vs. Nature

-Man Vs. Society

An example of a man versus man conflict would be two people fighting somewhere. Or a group of people fighting against someone. Or a group of people fighting with another group of people. One thing that you have to realize is that fighting isn’t always people beating each other up. It could also mean verbal fighting. Fighting with words.

The next conflict, man versus himself is like you challenging yourself to do something. Like doing a huge 100 Km bike ride. Think of yourself climbing up a sheer mountain cliff, risking death with every foot fall, just because you challenged yourself to. Sound crazy? Alternately, this conflict could mean you doing something that you really hate, just to see if you can do it.

Man Vs. Nature. Nature Vs. Man. Thorny branches come to mind. Raging waterfalls, tall cliffs, not to mention large rabid bears. In some cases, challenging nature is not a good thing for your health and sanity. On the other hand, it can be great exercise, and you can see some pretty cool things. Like sunsets. And sunrises. And that rabid bear that’s following you. The most famous example of this conflict is the TV show SurvivorMan. There is another one like it, but I can’t recall what it’s called. The star of the show has to venture to dangerous places in the wild (or escape from them), in some sort of time limit usually. What people do to amuse themselves…

The last conflict is a harder one to describe. Man Vs. Society. Think of it this way. You are living in a happy little country. Suddenly, one day it’s attacked and taken over by an equally small country. While most people are happy for this change, you lead a small group of rebels who want the other country to leave your country alone. Would you fight or fend of the other country if you had the chance? Would you change society? I know of two fictional characters who had the chance and took it. One is Tally Youngblood, member of the Smoke. The other is Katniss Everdeen. Winner of the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games. Both of these fictional girls had amazing chances to change how the way their society and government was run, and they took it. Their worlds will never be the same again. In Tally’s case, she simply over-turned her government, changing society. But for Katniss, she did a lot of small, unrelated things, that all added up to a rebellion against the government.

Man Vs. Himself In A Very Different Way
I incourage you to try the above chart. It’s way harder than it looks.


This is my top 15 list. I might add more later.

-bumping my head on the door frame of the car

-forgetting to call in sick

-people staring at me when I’m eating

-losing my house key for the third time

-hearing crinkly candy wrappers in the library

-waking up forgetting what I was looking forward to

-people interrupting me in the middle of my story

-retelling my story because people weren’t listening

-hearing repetitive tapping sounds during tests

-people trying to talk to me when I’m playing a video game

-having to go to bed when you’re at the good part in your book

-having to tell five salesclerks that I’m just looking

-people chewing gum with their mouth open

-looking up to find the whole room of people looking at me and not knowing why

-having 13 people in a day ask me ‘What’s wrong?’


Smoothwall. What do you know about Smoothwall? It seems to be a kind of site blocker. Smoothwall has been installed at our school. The horror. No, really.

Let me explain. Here’s the picture before Smoothwall…

“A kid Named Yoshio Naru* skips merrily along the path to the local school. Grinning to himself, he thinks of all the fun he is going to have at the public library. And the school library. You see, his town is so small, it’s school and public library are one. Soon, Yoshio will be chatting with his pals on Facebook, looking at cool pictures on Flickr, or even playing the latest RPG’s (Role Playing Games). Yes, the town library was a place filled with adventure, drama, instant messages, e-mails, and, of course, the odd book stuffed in the back. Upon reaching the library, our chum Yoshio Naru is pleased to see that he is not disappointed. Things are still the same, and it would never change. It couldn’t. Why, even the thought of it changing was unthinkable!”

*Yoshio Naru was just the first name that came to mind.

**Excerpt from www.fuzzyglove.wordpress.com

Now, lets take a look at the scene, a few months later, just when Smoothwall had been installed. Actually, it was on that exact day…

“Hearing the bell that marked the end of class, Yoshio Naru quickly left the classroom and ran down to the library, where he went everyday to check on his e-mail. He did this, because his house didn’t have very good internet access. The school library was the only place his family (and many others), could safely use the internet without fear of a sudden connection loss. Quickly logging in to his blog, he finished typing the blog post that he needed for school, and pressed save. Suddenly, he heard a cry of anguish from the computer around the corner. It was the school librarian. She was helping her daughter log in to her favorite site: WebKinz. “A message just popped up! It says that “This site has been blocked because the content has been deemed unsuitable by the administrator! It says that it’s reason is that the site is categorized under ‘Games!’ ‘

Quickly saving and logging out of his blog, Yoshio quickly went to his favorite game sites: blocked. Facebook: blocked. Flickr, YouTube, Addictinggames, G-mail, Hotmail, MSN, Google Images, Google Docs, even Mariowiki. All blocked. In shock, Yoshio quickly went back to his blog write a post on it, and that was blocked too. Stumbling out of the room, Yoshio Naru walked home in a daze. He never set foot in the library ever again.”

See what I mean? Smoothwall is an unnecessary evil. Our school already had a site blocker! Now we have this one. What you fail to see is that my town has a lot of contractors and people away from home in it. Most of those people are just renting rooms with no computers. Their only connection with the people they love is the internet in most cases. Some people still have the telephone, but not all. Now that Smoothwall has invaded, their last connection with their beloved family has been severed on the jagged rocks of the wall that is smooth. Smoothwall isn’t so smooth after all. But there is hope.

Our classroom work is mostly on the internet. We do 60% of our work on Google Docs. Our G-mail accounts are our life line. Now that that’s gone, what do we do? Our teacher talked to our principle for a very very long time. In the end, he made a list of sites that he needed unblocked immediately.  That included Google images, YouTube, Flickr, our blogs, G-mail, etc.

The good news is that almost everything on the list that our teacher made got unblocked. The bad news is that they would not unblock any web-mail. That is really bad news. Almost everyone in town comes to the library to check their mail. Some chinks are opening in the Smoothwall Defense System, but there is still a long long ways to go.

The decision is unmistakeable: SMOOTHWALL HAS TO GO!




You might not be aware, but talking piano’s are not new. Even my kinda old digital piano talks to me. But this is not pre-recorded talking that happens when you push a button. The speach and the piano music are intermingled together. If you want to see for yourself, please watch the below video. I found it on Make’s website. Just make sure you watch to the very end.

Just like at the end of the video, with a bit of practice, of even sub-titles, you can hear the voice in the music. To prove this fact, watch the whole thing, then watch the first five seconds again (the part with no captions). You should be able to understand the words, even though there are no sub-titles for you to cheat off of. Very cool. Very odd.