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June 5, 2010

This is the final week of Novel Study stuff. This is about themes. A theme is an idea that is throughout the whole entire book. From the Copyright to the Credits. A couple of themes in the Nation are loyalty, honesty, friendship, and belonging. The two we’ll work on now are loyalty and belonging. LOYALTY. […]

The Nation’s Court (Jester?)

May 20, 2010

Once more, we find ourselves staring in the red glowing eyes of a novel study blog post due date. This one doesn’t look to threatening though. Right now, the body attached to those menacing eyes is playing golf. But it’s coming. This week, we are studying  Author’s Craft. Does that mean that the author in question is exceptionally crafty? […]

The Nation All Over Again

May 16, 2010

Well well. Here we are with novel study again. Back to the Nation. The giant wave carried a schooner over with it. And there was one survivor. A girl. Her name is Ermintrude, but she hates it, so she calls herself Daphne. She sees Mau, and invites him to the wrecked schooner, Sweet Judy, to have […]

Arise, Nation, Arise! Or is it Drown?

May 7, 2010

Yes. It’s true. We got another novel study. But with a twist. Not a big twist, mind you, just big enough to be different. We get to pick our own books. There. That wasn’t so bad, was it? So anywho, the book I picked is called Nation. It’s a book by Terry Pratchett, who has […]

Insider to the Outsiders : Five to Eight

November 24, 2009

Hello. Again. Glad you came back. We are now working on dumping chapters five to eight from The Outsiders (S.E Hinton) into our giant food processors of knowledge. I hope you have yours set on the ‘finely ground’ setting, because there are some very important parts of the story happening right here. Violence seems mandatory […]

Insider to The Outsiders : One To Four

November 18, 2009

Hi there. Welcome. What is The Outsiders? It’s a book. It was copyrighted in nineteen and sixty-seven. Author: S.E.Hinton. I’m here to tell you what happens in the first two chapters. Well, not really tell. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the book to find out what the whole story is. I’m just here to tell […]

The Wave is Over. (Ch.13-17)

March 26, 2009

Chapters 13-17 are the final chapters of The Wave. In these chapters, The Wave ends, and everyone is all happy(minus Robert). The following is a summary of the chapters. Chapter 13 starts with Laurie going to the foot-ball team. As she is going to sit down, Brad stops her, and tells her to do the […]

Novel Study The Wave ch.9-12

March 12, 2009

This is the blog post for chapters 9-12 of The Wave. In this chapter, Ben Ross discovers that more people are skipping other classes to sit in on his. Even though everyone was doing the salute and motto’s nonstop, they weren’t falling behind on their schoolwork. The problem was that even though they knew all […]

Novel Study The Wave ch.5-8

March 6, 2009

This is the blog post for the next set of chapters of the book called The Wave. Chapter five starts in Mr.Ross’s classroom, where people are already starting to come to class. The only difference is that there are large words on the blackboard, and they say, STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE. Ben starts the class when […]

Novel Study-The Wave ch.1-4

February 25, 2009

In class, we started reading a book for novel study called The Wave. It is a true story about a high-school history class that was learning about Hitler and the Nazis, and they couldn’t understand how people could follow Hitler, when he was doing such horrible things to people. So, their history teacher, Ben Ross, […]


September 4, 2008

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