School is weird.

But boring.

You get up early, go to school, then go home.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Some days, you add the bleach. Y’know. Those kids who either make life miserable for you or the person you sit right next to.

The detergent is the information teachers feed you. One soggy brain-numbing spoonful at a time.

But where’s the spin cycle?

The next step is the dryer. This is where the powers that be put you through the furnace to see the good that’s left. Or, more specifically, exams. Tests. Quiz’s. Mid-terms. More broadly; assignments.

But where’s the fabric softener?

After all that, you get folded. This is where teachers fold new teaching into the information-less holes that exams have sucked off. They pack every bit of knowledge in there, and then it’s off to another round.

But where’s the iron?



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