The Nation’s Court (Jester?)

Once more, we find ourselves staring in the red glowing eyes of a novel study blog post due date. This one doesn’t look to threatening though. Right now, the body attached to those menacing eyes is playing golf. But it’s coming.

This week, we are studying  Author’s Craft.

Does that mean that the author in question is exceptionally crafty? Depends on your point of view.

Speaking of which, points of view are things that any author has to do extremely well on. It’s ok if the book is in one point of view. Most books are. But if the book has two or more (like each chapter is from a different character’s perspective), then the author has to make all of that flow together.

That’s what author’s craft is.

Terry Pratchett wrote Nation very well. I can’t find any bad phrase, sentence or paragraph anywhere. Saying chapter would just be silly, as it’s hard to write a completely bad chapter.

In the third quarter of the book, all (most) of the islanders are holding a court to judge Daphne’s killing of a bad guy. It was self-defence, but she demands a court is held anyway, so she can feel better. She is innocent of whatever.

For an example of Terry Pratchett’s writing, here is a sentence or two when Daphne is walking through the jungle.

“Daphne had read in one of her books about the Great Southern Pelagic Ocean islands (that’s where the Nation is) that ‘with a few regrettable examples, the larger and more fearsome the spider is, the less likely it is to be venomous’. She didn’t believe it. She could see Regrettable Examples everywhere, and she was sure that some of them were drooling.

 – And suddenly there was clear daylight ahead. She would have run towards it, but there was – good fortune not apparent at the time – a Regrettable Example using it’s web as a trampoline and she had to ease her was past it with caution.”

Hows that?

Well this is a perfece example of Terry Pratchett’s writing, some people might think that it’s not so good. So what makes it good? I would say that it depends what style of writing you like. While some people may like light and oddish stuff (like me), other people like dard and heavy stuff. Like all those vampire books going around. Sheesh.

While the above example doesn’t have a lot of description, Mr.Pratchett does some of that as well. Not enough so that you feel you have to skip paragraphs to get to the good part, just enough so you get a good picture in your head. That’s a good thing.

I would show you a bad example of the Nation, but I can’t find one. If I find it, I’ll put it in the spot below.

Terry Pratchett


One Response to “The Nation’s Court (Jester?)”

  1. I know how you feel I am the same but I still like the heavy stuff like vampire book and things like that. I like reading your blog, keep up the good work.

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