The Math Graph Hath Spoken

This is a blog post. On math. Odd.

Please observe the below graph. (The bar on the bottom is the total.)

Have you observed it? Good. What do you see? I see that Canada watches a lot more Drama than Comedy.
I also see that religion has hardly any viewing at all. The show type that has the most viewing in Canadian programs is drama. Annnd the show that has the most viewing in foreign programs is news and public affairs.

One of the most surprising things I see is that people still watch foreign VCR’s. That is just weird. I mean, put those old editions of “I Love Lucy” on DVD already.

There are also a couple of trends that I see from the wonderfully informative chart above. VCR’s are low. Because no one makes VCR’s anymore, one can predict that this number will get even lower.

Obviously, News and Public Affairs are quite high. People care about what’s happening in the world. Most people. Television companies and stuff will probably take advantage of this, and pump out more news shows. Not that the world needs any more.

The last trend that I see from glancing at the above chart is that the Music and Dance catagory is kind of low. If it’s low, what’s the point of having shows like So you think you can Dance, and Canadian Idol, and all of the shows like that.

There is an easy explanation. Those shows are aimed mostly at people in the good ol’ US of A. Except Canadian Idol.

So, why are there so many shows out there that people don’t seem to watch? Take religion. There are tons of stuff about religion out there. If any of it is real, that’s a different story. But, it looks like people don’t watch that kind of stuff.

To answer that question, I would have to have a graph showing all of the other countries in the world. I don’t have those. You’ll just have to trust me.

PS: I am not an antidisestablishmentarianismist.


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