If Art is Our Culture, Modern Art is Our Embarrassment.

What do you think about modern art? Good, bad, or otherwise? I think that most of it is pretty bad. Try the one below, for instance.


They could use all of the material that the builders put into this infinite staircase to build an airplane or something.

At least that would actually do something. This monstrosity is, in my opinion, taking up space that a condo could go on. Why build a useless thing, when you could build a house for a homeless person? Then they wouldn’t be called homeless anymore! Yay, right?

Anyway, if you go into any art gallery, chances are, there will be a section titled “modern art”. And what’s in that section?

Well, if it’s a painting gallery, it’ll probably have some type of these:

https://i0.wp.com/www.merello.com/images/Photos%20Sketches/art_modern_art.-merello._transparent_portrait.jpg http://www.merello.com/modern_art_daily/modern_art_daily_painting.-merello.-paisaje_con_luna_rosa_y_estrellas_azules-(73x54cm)mixta_lienzo.jpg

There is so many different shapes in here, that I don’t know where to start looking. All of the different colours, shapes and designs are just horrible to me.

Now, if there is a modern art sculpture, and it isn’t a totally stupid idea, I would probably like it.


Like this one. I really like how the shadows interact with the circles and the rectangles on the roof. It just makes it look weirdly mesmerizing.

Of course, there is the other category that I consider cheating. That’s the digital modern art pieces.


Even the digital ones look really cool, I think that they are cheating. The artists didn’t actually get outside and sweat as they built something. They just sat inside, and slaved away on their computers, not even getting one single breath of fresh air.

Of all the ones above, I like the sculpture ones the most. They are the ones that use the most shape and design. The designers actually use some sort of geometry and, well, design.

If the piece doesn’t use geometry and shapes, I don’t really like it. I mean, a while ago, I saw a picture of a telephone pole, and it was in the ‘good’ section of a painting gallery! How weird is that!

If I was ever asked to rate a piece of modern art, I would bluntly refuse. I can’t stand the idea of modern art. If humanity lasts for a couple thousand more years, they’ll probably call their art ‘modern art’, and the art so precious to us now, our modern art, will become something you can pick up at the bargain bin for 25 cents.

What do you suppose the future modern art will be like? Paintings, sculptures, or digital? I think mostly digital, and probably all in virtual worlds that you could spend your whole life in, drinking holographic pina coladas under a virtual palm tree. How ’bout it, eh?

If that’s not for you, I suppose you could always visit the ancient art museums that are sure survive, at least as a tourist attraction. I would rather go to the art museum than the virtual world, actually. This way, you at least get some exercise.

Below are some of my most favorite sites of life. Well, not quite. You probably know what I mean. I know I do.




6 Responses to “If Art is Our Culture, Modern Art is Our Embarrassment.”

  1. I love that friendly reminder

    • Yeah… sorry about that. I though that I had all ok pictures, but I guess that one slipped by me somehow. By the time you see this, that picture will probably be gone. Thanks!

  2. I believe it shall b important for you 2 deeply investigate “dislike” as it would b 2 deeply investigate a “like”. Learning w/b =. Cheers and good journeys *:L-)

  3. I think modern art is great but there are exceptions of course. computer art looks cool but indeed a litle bit cheating I prefer the old brush and paint! although when art is computer created its concidert easy, it sometimes might be, but there are also masterpieces created on the computer check this out for example: http://www.philipstraub.com/
    all created in photoshop from scratch, truly amazing masterpieces!!!

    Surrealist painter: Sander Bos


  4. Man that would be hard to walk on first thing. By the way do you know where that is located

    • That is actually a ‘modern art’ sculpture. It’s called Revolutions, and it’s located somewhere in Montreal…

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