Parental Testing? What on Earth…

Do adults get tested? Sure. Driving tests, job tests, and the like.

What if adults had to get a test to become parents? What would be on it? How many people would try to get past it? How many people would fail, and why?

This is the question we have to answer in a speech for Home-Ec. Help.

The very first thing we have to do is to decide whether we agree with this idea or not. I agreed, just so it made things easier.

Then we had to write down some testing areas that might be on the test. If we didn’t agree with the idea, you simply had to say why. Easier said than done.

Next, we also had to choose three or four testing areas, and explain why they would be important. Explain in basically a paragraph. I mean, how can you drag something so simple out into a paragraph? Well, I had to, because this all counted for planning.

Now comes the long part. Writing the actual speech. No, not the final copy, the rough draft. How much longer can this go on!

You see, the Home-Ec class right before Christmas Break, our Home-Ec teacher told us about this four minuet speech that we had to do when we came back. That left us all worrying. Stewing in our own juices, if you will.

Then, when we come back, she tells us that we were writing a two minuet speech. Finally! Something good is happening!

But honestly, how long can someone drag something on for?


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