Inslaving Slavery

These are my issues….

This is my world issue.

An end to slavery.

As you probably know, slavery is when you put a price on a life. It’s when you buy a human, and then force that human to work. Or effectively whatever you want them to do.
In fact, today, right now, twenty seven million people are in slavery. Unfortunately, their stories are kept well hidden from the general public.

Every human is human. Every person should have equal rights. What would you do if you were stuck as a ‘slave’ right now? Would you feel angry? Anger at who? Your ‘master’? The government, for not stopping slavery? Now imagine almost twenty seven people around the world, feeling that right this instant. What will you do?

Think about those twenty seven million people for a second. In 1860, a slave census was taken in some part of the united states. The person with the highest number of slaves was 1,130. In 1860. With the huge population growth, think about how high that number would be now. Hmmm. In fact, there are more slaves now, then at any other time in recorded history. Once again, probably because of the massively growing population.
Still, you would think that with our ‘civilized’ world, slavery would be non-existent. Sadly not true. In nearly every country, slavery is abolished. In every country, it’s still being practiced. At least we tried, right?

What would actually happen is slavery ended? Every rich person would have to do their own work. They would have to get off of their high horsey-hay-stack-thing and actually do something. That would mean a decline in world happiness, but nothing major that I can see.

The very first reliable recorded incident of slavery is from the 1500’s. In the land that we now call Canada, a Portuguese explorer called Gaspar Corte-Real sailed here, and took 50 Indian men and woman slavery. In Newfoundland.
There was probably slavery in Ancient Egypt. All of those rich people couldn’t be expected to hump all of their stuff around, right?
Ancient Greece and Rome? Think Coloseums and pillar-y temples.

Slavery seems to be an ancient world tradition. Why stop now? Now we can see that woman are as equal as men. We now know that everyone is equal. If we know all of these things, why are we still clinging to slavery?

Slavery is my wish for the world this Christmas season, because it’s just wrong. I hate even the idea of slavery, ever since I read the Chronicles of Narnia, and it talked about slavery. They used the talking horses to do work for them. I hated the idea of those proud beasts being forced to do things like that.

End slavery. Spend this Christmas in relative peace.


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