Insider to the Outsiders : Five to Eight



Glad you came back.

We are now working on dumping chapters five to eight from The Outsiders (S.E Hinton) into our giant food processors of knowledge. I hope you have yours set on the ‘finely ground’ setting, because there are some very important parts of the story happening right here.

Violence seems mandatory when you’re living like Ponyboy and all of those people.


Why do people have to fight to survive? Everyone should get an equal chance at a good life, but I guess not many people think so. Weird how those same people do the beating up.

And like it. Usually.

Bob was drowning Ponyboy, just because he was alive. Johnny had to stab him. More violence.

Now, Johnny and Pony are hiding out on top of Jay Mountain. In an old, creepy church. Because of violence.

Then the fire hits. Little kids are trapped inside, and both Johnny and Ponyboy jump at the chance to save them. Literally. Through a window. Why do they save the kids? Dally even told the boys to stay in the car. If they did, they wouldn’t have a chance to save anybody. And Johnny wouldn’t die.

I guess you could say that Johnny died because of violence. He was on Jay Mountain because of Bob. Another victim.

Later, in Chapter seven, the book talks about how the Curtis’s door was always open, in case another member of the group needed a place to sleep during the night. Why might they need a place? Violence.



5 Responses to “Insider to the Outsiders : Five to Eight”

  1. I know that I wonder why everyone has to fight all the time why cant we all just get along.

  2. Your quite violent in this post. If this Had a voice I’m sure it would be one of those creepy scary voices but it only gets strong through out the post. But other than that it was well written and tells me that this world is filled with violence.

  3. WOW, you really took that in to a deep meaning and you summed it up better then i could ever have done it and please do not use my first response journal as a measure of my best work because that would insult this post.

    • I got the first part, and I got the second part, but I don’t really get the last part. About your own response journal. Could you explain further?

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