Who’s Fighting? Good. It’s Natural

Conflict is natural. It happens everywhere, and is inescapable. People in a crowded space for weeks on end will get bitter and fight for authority. In schools, peers will bully the odd one out. The weakest. The one with all of the answers. War is a conflict on a massive scale.

With all of the conflict that is happening, all of it seems the same. It’s not. There are actually four very different types.

-Man Vs. Man

-Man Vs. Himself

-Man Vs. Nature

-Man Vs. Society

An example of a man versus man conflict would be two people fighting somewhere. Or a group of people fighting against someone. Or a group of people fighting with another group of people. One thing that you have to realize is that fighting isn’t always people beating each other up. It could also mean verbal fighting. Fighting with words.

The next conflict, man versus himself is like you challenging yourself to do something. Like doing a huge 100 Km bike ride. Think of yourself climbing up a sheer mountain cliff, risking death with every foot fall, just because you challenged yourself to. Sound crazy? Alternately, this conflict could mean you doing something that you really hate, just to see if you can do it.

Man Vs. Nature. Nature Vs. Man. Thorny branches come to mind. Raging waterfalls, tall cliffs, not to mention large rabid bears. In some cases, challenging nature is not a good thing for your health and sanity. On the other hand, it can be great exercise, and you can see some pretty cool things. Like sunsets. And sunrises. And that rabid bear that’s following you. The most famous example of this conflict is the TV show SurvivorMan. There is another one like it, but I can’t recall what it’s called. The star of the show has to venture to dangerous places in the wild (or escape from them), in some sort of time limit usually. What people do to amuse themselves…

The last conflict is a harder one to describe. Man Vs. Society. Think of it this way. You are living in a happy little country. Suddenly, one day it’s attacked and taken over by an equally small country. While most people are happy for this change, you lead a small group of rebels who want the other country to leave your country alone. Would you fight or fend of the other country if you had the chance? Would you change society? I know of two fictional characters who had the chance and took it. One is Tally Youngblood, member of the Smoke. The other is Katniss Everdeen. Winner of the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games. Both of these fictional girls had amazing chances to change how the way their society and government was run, and they took it. Their worlds will never be the same again. In Tally’s case, she simply over-turned her government, changing society. But for Katniss, she did a lot of small, unrelated things, that all added up to a rebellion against the government.

Man Vs. Himself In A Very Different Way
I incourage you to try the above chart. It’s way harder than it looks.


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