Things that Irritate

This is my top 15 list. I might add more later.

-bumping my head on the door frame of the car

-forgetting to call in sick

-people staring at me when I’m eating

-losing my house key for the third time

-hearing crinkly candy wrappers in the library

-waking up forgetting what I was looking forward to

-people interrupting me in the middle of my story

-retelling my story because people weren’t listening

-hearing repetitive tapping sounds during tests

-people trying to talk to me when I’m playing a video game

-having to go to bed when you’re at the good part in your book

-having to tell five salesclerks that I’m just looking

-people chewing gum with their mouth open

-looking up to find the whole room of people looking at me and not knowing why

-having 13 people in a day ask me ‘What’s wrong?’


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