Robotix: The Aircraft Factory

This is a really weird but cool video about Mindstorms RXT. It is made with the Robotix stuff we are going to be using in an extra lunch-hour class. It said as a side-note on You-Tube that this airplane factory took 8000 Euros, and 2000 man hours to create.

If you look closely, you can see that the machine is actually building an airplane, and you can see the pieces it uses over and over again. I didn’t get it at first.


2 Responses to “Robotix: The Aircraft Factory”

  1. This is a really cool video. That is cool how Mr.Fisher has a robotics club. what did you all make in the robotics club last year? What are you planing to make?

    • Welll….. last year, I don’t remember who made what, but there was a crane, two scorpions, and two humanoids. I know for sure that Sumari and I started to make the humanoids, but I got farther than her. Daniel made the scorpion, and Hein and someone else worked together to make the crane.
      This year, I’m going to finish the humanoid I started, and then…..? Who knows?

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