On the Eighth Day of School, My Teacher Said to me…

So, like everyone else in my class (or at least half of it), I have to write a post explaining how the first eight days of school went. Unlike most everyone else, I’m going to try to be different.
Right now, I’m sitting at my lonely little table, writing a blog post. Or so everyone around me thinks. I’m actually sitting at my lonely little table, in the outer reaches of the classroom… writing a…blog post.
Actually, I’m not alone. Sitting beside me is Daniel. Across from me is Sumari. The only girl here. Sitting across from Daniel is Blaise. In the only two spots left are Aaron and Parker. All of these people play a part in my story about the first eight days.
When I walked into the classroom. I stopped. All of the tables were changed, and there was a whole row of desks. Desks that weren’t there last year. I swallowed. The newly titled grade sevens must be a big class. There were twenty seven spots, and only ten grade eighters.
I immediately went to my pre-chosen spot. In the corner farthest away from the door, but close to the white board. Soon after, some people I don’t quite get along with came, so I shifted two seats to the right, so I was still against the wall, but at a different set of two pushed-together-tables.
So, now I’m alone, but for Daniel who’s sitting next to me, Daniel who welcomed me as I shifted from one possible beginning of the school year to another. It was Daniel who said ‘hi’. Then I said ‘hi’, and then we were silent as other people drifted in the dream-like way of those who just came off of vacation.
The next person to sit down was Sumari. Little was she to know that she would be the only girl at that table. Maybe for the remainder of the year. Next was Parker. He shuffled over to the table, looked around, and sat down with a kind of grunt sound. Or maybe it was Marty at the other table. The one I left.
In fact, the people at the table I just left were kinda beating each other up. Hence the grunt.
Anyway, Next was Aaron. He was always considered a nerd, but he is a great guy. He sat down with a sigh. There was one space left. People were still pouring into the room. No one was sitting down. The tension was rising. It was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. In fact, the air was so thick and hot, you could have used the same knife to cut that, too. (Always remember, though to wash knives well between useage)
Finally, after much waiting, Blaise comes and sits down. I think that he was the last person to come into the room. Looking warily around, he kinda shuffles toward the last seat in the room. Then he spots Daniel, and he smiles again, as if hope had returned to his existence again. Daniel has that effect on some people. Other people think he’s weird.

Finally, with everyone in some sort of order, our first three day week began. The people at the table I first went to only lasted until 12:45. then two of them moved. The all boy table got two girls drafted into the mix.

Everyone in who didn’t have a blog last year (grade 7, in other words), got one. We did a reading assessment, and wrote until our hands fell off. Our teacher called in Mr. Deighton to come with some super glue. (just kidding).

Our hands being fixed marked the end of week one. Week two, enter stage left.

One Monday, we got the horrific news that the Artist in the School was delayed. He was flying in from Winnipeg. He is a dance teacher. A hip-hop dance teacher.

That day, we did the usual Mr. Fisher classroom stuff. Silent reading, Home Ec, math assessments, etc, etc,etc.

On Wednesday the Sixteenth, September 2009, our beloved friend and mentor Green-Screen the Black Projector, gave up it’s life trying valiantly one last time to teach us in the way of blogging.

Oh, we always knew Green-Screen had a problem. Once in a while, it would project everything in a slightly green, very annoying tint. The only way to stop that was to wiggle the connection cord going from Mr. Fisher’s trusty MacBook Pro into the projector itself.

Finally, the strain was just too much. With the last electron in it’s circuits, it went green for old-time’s sake, and died. It might just make a comeback, but no-one really expects it to.

Sad deaths aside, I am very sore from trying to do hip-hop. In about five minutes, we are going to do our routine to the whole school. I’m going to have to leave you hanging when that happens. Oops. looks like it’s almost time to go. Very very soon…

Anyway, I’m back now. Our classes hip-hop routine went kinda well, but I was an epic fail. Everyone elses routine went really good. Ours was sad. People seemed to like it though.

So far in school, I like all the classes except math and gym. Gym, because I am sore from hip-hop, and math, just for old-times sake.

After school, I just found out that every fun web-site has been blocked by whoever has the rights to do so. That includes Facebook, Flickr, Addicting Games, Webkinz, and every Artix Entertainment game except Mech Quest.

I don’t even like Mech Quest.

The person who did that is going to have to answer to a lot of contractors. A lot of them use Facebook to get connected with their family members back home at public library hours. There is also the large community of kids that like to come and play games…

I am kinda angry.

Gotta go now.



8 Responses to “On the Eighth Day of School, My Teacher Said to me…”

  1. It sounds like you had a tough first day but you described it really well. I wouldn’t have done well in a hip hop routine either. It looked like you had an exciting first day and a fun classroom and school.

  2. ya losing the fun in the community computers is annoying even worse the filter that we have now is not what it is supposed to be i am not to happy ether i mean the schools used to have a filter that did it’s job right and Eric you rock in hip hop.

  3. You described a very detailed observation of the time when students were getting in the room! Home can you remember all of that details after eight days!? I think that you will have to use a lot of technologies in your teacher’s class, I like to use technologies very much and I want to try what it will be like to learn in your class. I think web filters are good but at some place, the filters are too strict and many websites that people use a lot are blocked! It is very annoying. My cousin who works in an office has websites blocked too. She has a way to use a special program to bypass the filter!

  4. What a great piece of writing this is! An excellent post, very well written. I really enjoyed how you described your first day of school and the “tension” of settling in to a new classroom.

    • Thoughtful review of a first day. I appreciate how you described the process of taking a seat an beginning a school year with so much detail. It read like you were photographing it in slow motion.

  5. May old Green-Screen the Black Projector rest in… pieces! Hopefully Mr. Fisher will move on to something a little less green and brighten your days to come. 🙂
    (Dalian, Liaoning, China)

  6. I really like this post it is very interesting, you descirbed the first day well, and I think it starts like a begining of a book. I guess it’s not a book just a new begining of a school year. It was an Excellent post well done!

  7. […] access of today. It is exciting to see classrooms make this shift too. Last night I commented on a blog post by a student of Clarence Fisher’s, in Snow Lake Manitoba, Canada. In a way you could say that I visited […]

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