Project Smart Set = Shanghai

So, you might have heard that our class is doing a project in school called Smart Set. You had to choose a place outside of North America, and then explain why that place was the best to open the fictional office company called Smart Set.

As you can probably guess, I chose Shanghai. The first thing we had to do was to create a Wiki page explaining a whole bunch of predetermined facts. My Wiki page is in our class Wiki, Creativecities.

Our next task (this sounds like a modern-day Hercules story) was to make a presentation to share with our class. This could be made on Google Presentation, on Photostory, or you could just get up in front of everybody and talk. I chose Photostory. As our class had all ready worked with Photostory earlier this school year, it was a breeze.

The dead-line for the latter task is on Monday/Tuesday. Some people will be doing them on Monday, and some, as you can guess, will do them on Tuesday. My presentation is the third one on Tuesday. Lucky me.

Because you are not in my class (at least, I hope not), you will not get a chance to witness the horror of 23+ kids doing presentation, I have kindly uploaded my to YouTube, so you can share the pain with me. If you are too lazy to go to YouTube, kindly look down.


One Response to “Project Smart Set = Shanghai”

  1. I read your class is doing a project and you have done a wiki adn a presentation. I like that you added links that way we had the chance to see the video and blog. Shanghi is a beautful place as i see from the images above.

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