The Wave is Over. (Ch.13-17)

Chapters 13-17 are the final chapters of The Wave. In these chapters, The Wave ends, and everyone is all happy(minus Robert). The following is a summary of the chapters.

Chapter 13 starts with Laurie going to the foot-ball team. As she is going to sit down, Brad stops her, and tells her to do the Wave’s salute before she can sit down. Laurie doesn’t want to, so she eventually just leaves, because Brad won’t let her sit down.

Later, Laurie and some of the other Grapevine staff meet in her house to put together a special edition on The Wave. Some of the staff was not there, because they didn’t want to get in trouble with The Wave. The paper would be out by lunch-time on Monday.

As the paper came out, people were shocked by the stories that were in it about the bad side of The Wave. Ben Ross read the Grapevine, and was sad to hear about the kid who got beat up. Later, Robert convinces David that he has to talk Laurie into joining The Wave, or at least to stop writing all of the bad stories about The Wave.

There is a whole lot of stuff in the next chapters, so I will skim along quickly. Laurie is leaving the Grapevine office late after school, and on her locker are the words enemy. Laurie hears foot-steps coming toward her, and she runs out of the school.

She meets David, and they kinda have a fight, and David understands that The Wave is a bad idea. They go the Mr.Ross’s house, and they tell him to stop The Wave the very next day. He agrees, and the all go home.

At school, Mr.Ross tells everyone that all across the country, teachers had been recruiting students to join The Wave, and the real leader and founder of The Wave will appear on cable TV to announce the formation of a National Wave Youth Movement.

As all of The Wave members go to the auditorium, Mr.Ross brought out the TV, and everyone waited. Soon, someone shouted, “There is no leader, is there!” Then Carl pulled up the curtains, and a projector was turned on. The picture was the face of Hitler. Ben then goes on to tell them that they would have made good Nazis. After he is done, everyone starts to throw off their membership cards. The Wave is over.

Robert is crying by the TV set. He is really sad that The Wave is over, because he felt that no-one was being mean to him anymore. Now that The Wave was over, he felt like people would go back to teasing him again.

This is the response part. I think that Robert Billings will not go back to being the class lose. I think that people will remember how nice he was when he felt like he belonged, and they will see that he can be like that all of the time.

I think that Mr.Ross will lose his job, and he will try to find work else-where but no-one will want to take him on due to The Wave. The story of The Wave will spread where ever he goes, so he won’t be able to get a job very easily. At the end of the book, Ben goes and talks with Robert about how nice he look in a suit, and they will probably go out for burgers somewhere, and share their woes.

No-one knows if these things actually happened, so they are just likely guesses. Laurie and David will never be known as the people who gave Ben the extra push to stop The Wave (unless they tell people), so they will just be seen as people who knew The Wave for what is was.

The End.


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  1. This is really good and very good thoughts

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