Shanzhai Threat?

Ni ping, a famous actor on CCTV (China’s main TV station), wants to stop, blot out, terminate, destroy, Shanzhai culture. Now, Shanzhai is a peculiar term, and it could mean one of three things. The first is armed mountain village. The second is small home-based factory, and the third is copycat production.

Ni ping says that she used the term Shanzhai to mean copycat production. To understand why she did all of this, you have to look back to Lao Meng. He wanted to hold a Shanzhai Spring Festival Gala on-line. Unfortunately, due to unknown pressure, the venue booking for the event was canceled and the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) demanded all media stop reporting on Shanzhai Gala.

Ni ping said that she used the term to mean copycat production, but the Shanzhai Gala was far from being a copycat. We can only think that it might have been Ni ping who pressured Lao Meng to cancel the Gala.

According to local news reports have said that Ni ping has put forward 7 suggestions to stop Shanzhai culture. She says:

“I am determined to oppose Shanzhai culture and in my opinion, the law should have clear regulation on this. Nowadays, young people are seriously affected by the Shanzhai culture, they have the idea that this is the so-called “grassroots culture”. However, we should give our young people a healthy education on what are the genuine and what are the fake, what are true and beautiful, what are false and ugly.”

She also said:

“The fashion of “Shanzhai” is too fierce, you can find it all over the internet. Now that many young people can go online, they don’t know what are the genuine and what are the fake. A majority of “shanzhai culture” are fake, copycat and pirated production. What is more terrible is the fact that all these “shanzhai” productions are claimed to represent grassroots culture, but in reality, they are just pirated and copycat productions.”

The poor Shanzhai people! They must feel sad about all of this. Who knows if they think those things about themselves or not? Is Ni ping just making these things up?

If you want to know about Shanzhai fashion, I went to Google, and it’s not very nice. Don’t seach, please.

Ni Ping

Ni Ping


One Response to “Shanzhai Threat?”

  1. wow, i wouldn’t believe a thing like this would occur in china, seems like major drama!

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