Novel Study The Wave ch.9-12

This is the blog post for chapters 9-12 of The Wave. In this chapter, Ben Ross discovers that more people are skipping other classes to sit in on his. Even though everyone was doing the salute and motto’s nonstop, they weren’t falling behind on their schoolwork.

The problem was that even though they knew all of the answers, it was like they were saying them without thought. There was no thinking involved on their part (they knew all the answers, didn’t they?).

Now, Ben has learned that the whole foot-ball team had been infused into The Wave, and the foot-ball Coach was even thanking Mr.Ross for introducing them into The Wave! The chapter skips over to the office of the Grapevine, and no one has any stories to put in the paper. Soon, they decide to do a big story on The Wave.

Laurie comes home, and has a big discussion with her mother about The Wave, and about how it might soon ruin the whole school.

The next day at school, Mr.Ross is called into principals office. Ben is worried about that, because it probably has to do with The Wave, and principal Owen might want to shut The Wave down permanently. As Ben goes into the office, Owen is smoking a big cigar. As Ben talks about The Wave, Owen decides to let it go for just a bit longer.

Once again, the next chapter starts with the next day of school. As Laurie walks into the Grapevine office, she sees a piece of paper that someone must have slipped under the door. It is a story about a student had been almost bullied into joining The Wave.

As Ben is setting up for a big Wave Rally in the gym (a rally that explains The Wave to other non-Wave people), he notices Robert following him around. When he asks Robert what he is doing, Robert asks Mr.Ross if he can be his bodyguard. Mr.Ross thinks about it for a bit, then he says, “Sure, Robert, you can be my bodyguard.”

In the next chapter, everyone is going to the Wave Rally, but Laurie and David are still in the Grapevine office. When David realizes what the time is, he jumps up to go to the Rally, and he wants Laurie to join him. Laurie says no, and she and David get into a big fight. In the end, David drives out in a fury (heh heh) and Laurie is left alone.Soon, Alex, of the Grapevine office, walks in, and tells Laurie why he left. They soon are joined by Carl. He too left for the same reason Alex had. What was that reason? You’ll have to read the book.

This part of this post is the response journal part. I think that Alex and Carl will be important people later on in the book. They both have no interest in The Wave, and that could be important in going against Wave people. Laurie needs allies, and she only has herself and her mom so far. Her mom can’t really do anything from home, so it’s basically just Laurie.

Robert might be a danger to all who oppose The Wave, because he feels like he is doing something important, now that no one is teasing him anymore. Robert will now try to stop all who try to end his new feeling of popularity.

Christy might be able to do something about Ben, so that he sees what is really happening behind the scenes. Christy is most likely the one to undo The Wave.

At the back of the book, it says that the only people who see the danger of The Wave are David and Laurie. Right now, it seems that David is all for The Wave. How can David see that The Wave is wrong, if he himself is caught up in the thick of it all? It just doesn’t make sense!


3 Responses to “Novel Study The Wave ch.9-12”

  1. Great summary Eric. I really enjoy your thoughts on David. I found that true also.

    Great summaries and thoughts so far.

    – Brianna 🙂

  2. […] beginning of the chapters started with a history class with Ben Ross, the only thing that was different about this history […]

  3. This is great summaries and thoughts.

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