Novel Study The Wave ch.5-8

This is the blog post for the next set of chapters of the book called The Wave. Chapter five starts in Mr.Ross’s classroom, where people are already starting to come to class. The only difference is that there are large words on the blackboard, and they say, STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE. Ben starts the class when he says, ‘Today I’m going to talk about discipline.’

Ben goes on to explain that when you came to his class, you always had to have paper and pencils, and you always had to walk and sit up straight. Mr.Ross then got the students to get up and walk randomly around the classroom, and when he said,’Take your seats!’ the students had to walk quickly back to their desks and sit down.

Next, Ben says that if you want to answer him, you have to stand up straight beside your desk, say Mr.Ross, and go on to answer him. After that you have to sit back down.

The next day, Mr.Ross walks into his classroom, and everyone is sitting there, backs perfectly straight. He then writes on the blackboard, STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY. He has the class say the motto, and he draws a symbol on the blackboard. It is the Wave symbol (bottom of post). Then, Ben makes up the Wave’s salute. To do it, you cup your right hand in the shape of a wave tap it against your left shoulder, and then hold it upright.

Soon, The Wave gets through to the football team, and they all join. They think that it will make their team better. The last chapter starts as Laurie Saunders tells her parents about The Wave. Her Father thinks that it is a good idea, but her Mother doesn’t. The end of the chapter is where Mr.Ross is telling his wife all about The Wave. She says to take the idea carefully, but don’t go to far.

Now were on to the response journal. This is where I talk about the above mentioned set of chapters, and tell you what I think about them.

I think that Mr.Ross should stop while he’s ahead. The students are doing better in their school work, so just stop The Wave now, and tell your students that whenever they feel alone or sad, just think about The Wave.

Of course, Mr.Ross doesn’t do that. He keeps going. The book says that he wants to see how far the experiment will go. To see how far the students want to take it. As Ben told his wife, Christy, about The Wave, he said that when the bell rang, the class didn’t automatically get up and go. They seemed like they were waiting for Mr.Ross to dismiss them. To give them permission to go.

I think that soon, The Wave will take control of the whole school, and everyone will think that it is all grand. If one student is not in The Wave, then that person gets ridiculed by everyone. As more people start to get excited about The Wave, they will devise punishments for all who oppose their group, their society.

Soon, people will want to take The Wave farther. Into the community itself. Adults could join The Wave, and whole families who don’t want to join could get kicked out of town! Maybe it will spread so far as to people getting kicked out of the country! …And of course, Ben Ross is the leader and Supreme Commander of The Wave. That could (if The Wave spreads far enough) even mean Supreme Commander of the Provence/state! Muahahahaha!

……But, according to the back of the book, The Wave won’t spread that far. It seems that Laurie and David will stop it before it escapes out through the school fire exit and ravages the town. That is a good thing, but does it really happen? Only chapters 9-12 and beyond will tell.


The Wave!

The Wave!


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