The Building on fire

This is a bit late, but on February the ninth, the CCTV building caught fire, due to fireworks being shot off because of the Lantern Festival. It seems that the fire killed one fireman, injured several people, and has destroyed billions of yuan in broadcasting stuffs.

The thing is, the Chinese press has tried to shush up this event. It has told all of the newspapers and TV companies not to report it. But who an stop the united power of citizens? It seems that  everyone nowadays has a video camera somewhere on their person. A whole lot of movies of the event filtered onto the web, and no-one seems to be able to stop them!

This is an actual report to news companies….

To all websites: Report related to the Fire in the CCTV new building, please only use Xinhua news report. No photo, no video clip, no in-depth report; the news should be put on news area only, close the comment posts, don’t top the forum blog post, don’t recommend posts related with the subject.

Many people are acting in outrage that the government is hiding something that has clearly happened. They are even denying that it even happened, when the remains are still in full view.

The worst thing for the Chinese government is that the fire was right next-door to a lot of foreign TV companies. All they had to do was to point one of their cameras out a window to capture the fire, and BANG, instant story. They didn’t even have to go outside to get a full report.

Here are some videos of the fire.


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