Novel Study-The Wave ch.1-4

In class, we started reading a book for novel study called The Wave. It is a true story about a high-school history class that was learning about Hitler and the Nazis, and they couldn’t understand how people could follow Hitler, when he was doing such horrible things to people.

So, their history teacher, Ben Ross, started a class experiment called The Wave, and it’s motto is, ‘Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Community, Strength Through Action.’ On the back of the book, it says that this motto, this idea, spreads through the whole school, and very soon all but two people recognize The Wave for what it really is. But I haven’t even got to the part where The Wave spreads through the whole school yet, so we won’t talk about that yet.

In history class one day, they watch a movie about all the horrors of a concentration camp, and students ask him questions about why the Germans would follow a leader who did such things to people. The only answer that Ben could give was, ‘The majority of the Germans probably didn’t even know what Hitler was doing to all those people.

Ben Ross gets home after school, and is bothered that he can’t answer any of his students questions about the Nazis, so he takes out books from the library, and does a whole bunch of research of the topic of the Nazi’s control. The book goes on to explain that once Ben got an idea into his head, nothing can get it out again. Soon, his wife comes home (she is also a teacher at Ben’s school) and sighs that Ben is on another project again.

Also, in the book, it says that Ben’s teaching method is a bit odd. Some teachers are happy with it, some are angry with him, and some are just jealous.

That is as far as chapter 1-4 goes. The rest from now on is pure theory. I think that Ben is being very brave to stand up against other teachers who don’t agree with him. He is willing to bare the shame if his ‘project’ goes wrong (which it does, but we don’t know that yet. We don’t even know what the project is, except for the back of the book). I think that even if his teaching method’s are a bit off, (no weekly tests, no pure textbook learning, etc.) that’s ok with me, because Mr.Fisher’s teaching is like that, and other people are probably angry at him, too, for not being a traditional teacher.

I also think that Mr.Ross is being very foolish in some areas. He should have thought through the idea of The Wave before he showed the class, and he should have showed his wife, too. Any of those ideas are good, because if The Wave takes over the school, if you are not in The Wave, something bad will most likely happen to you later on in the book. Mr. Ross should have known and/or thought out all of the possible outcomes for his experiment beforehand.

*Announcer VoiceTM* And now for our special feature, A letter to Mr. Ross. *End Of Announcer VoiceTM*
I am aware that you may be starting a project in your history class. I have certain information that tells me that this project is dangerous. Take my word for it. If you go on with this project, you may very well lose your job. Some teachers in the school already think that you are ‘below average,’ and ‘under achieving,’ and even, ‘over-confident and boastful.’ Please don’t walk into your history class tomorrow and tell your students about it.
You could always find another way to show your class how people went along with the Nazis, you could show them textbook pages, web-sites, films, anything but The Wave.
Well, if your certain I can’t stop you,
This is the symbol for The Wave.

This is the symbol for The Wave.


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  1. Great site! Good neccesary information in a short summary! Great :))

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