Is Blue the New Green?

Yes, it is. Blue is the new green. Meaning, of course about water on Earth, and the Earth itself. Did you see any water today? Yes you did. That is a fact. You most likely even know that in the 70% of water on Earth, only 3% of it is drinkable.

But did you know that that number is getting lower? it is, because we keep polluting it with our sewers, farming, and industrial water needs.

We as humans have to do something! We can take shorter showers, etc, but that alone is not enough! In Allison Arieff’s article,’Blue is the new green’, it says that we need a global effort to make use of water multiple times over.

The good news is that there is a solution! Kind of. There are now living roofs and living walls! These things are plants that grow on roofs and walls (living roof and living walls). They absorb and filter rain and storm water, and help to prevent all the rain water draining tubes and pipes.

The best thing about green roofs especially, is that it makes the roof life span bigger, provides noise insulation, filters pollution and CO2 out of the air. It also cools the building in the summer. It is estimated that if all of New York had a green roof, it would save some $100 million dollars a year for cooling costs.

But the best thing about these green roofs/walls, is the idea that they filter rainwater.

Idea for a green wall/roof.

Idea for a green wall/roof.


5 Responses to “Is Blue the New Green?”

  1. Oh, now thats something I really haven’t heard of. This is really interesting and probably my favorite blog I’ve read this week. It’s an important article too since it’s affecting each one of us, since we need water to live.

  2. Oh my i had never heard of this that looks really amazing. I will love to see this hear in LA. It is affecting us alot thought the polluting and stuff. Nice article 🙂

  3. this is very useful, i know that for a fact. it can reALLY BE used in california because its always so hot. this keeps us cool, saves us tons of money, and is perrfect for the envirnment and water supply. in fact, every country should do it. nice post.

  4. Is that a plant or grass or just a tree that looks like building?

  5. it’s looks great and really functional too. it looks like a rocket set to launch added with green stripes..hope it becomes mandated to build only ecofriendly buildings to save on costs and reduce environmental impacts.
    hope to see more great ideas…

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