The Blog Dictionairy

I was browsing my Igoogle page, and I found a blog that shows you all the blogs in Myanmar in alphabetical order! Just in case you are interested, the site for that blog is here.

I have made this post my Igoogle post, because I think that it is a neat way for people in Myanmar to connect with each other.

This is where Myanmar is.

What if there was a site/blog like this for every country in the world? I’m not saying there isn’t, but I just haven’t found them yet. There are Political blog lists, like this one, and there is a list of blogs for Bangladeshi, like this one, and even one for Korea, (here) but no list of blogs in Canada. Yet.

I think that a major company like WordPress, Edublogs, or Blogspot should make a list of all the blogs in Canada that are using their program. Then they’d combine their lists together, making sure that they had no two blogs by the same person, and we would have our list.

This may seem short for an Igoogle post, but it works.


4 Responses to “The Blog Dictionairy”

  1. That sounds like a good idea.

  2. Mmmm.
    Good job!

  3. Hey , i never new there was a site to see every ones blogs in the world . It’s pretty cool how every one and any one can read are blogs and comments . COOL BLOG.

  4. That is so cool I have seen a website like this but you can oly see people in carlifornia. NiICE BLOG 🙂

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