The Danger of Snow Lake

Yesterday, Corporal Wheeler came to our school. She came to talk about the crime and dangers around Snow Lake. It seems that our recycling center has been vandalized. Again. This time, it is graffiti. The last time, it was the windows being smashed. The time before, it was all the stuff in the recycling bins being thrown out onto the floor.

Also, our boardwalk is finally done at the beach. Unfortunately, it got vandalized, too. So did the picnic tables. But the crime doesn’t stop here. Things have been stolen! A thing unheard of at Snow Lake. About $2000 dollars in X Boxes and X Box games have been stolen. Gas has been stolen from the ski place-thing, probably used to run ski doos, and such.

In our class, the people who committed these crimes is pretty old news. Their names start with K, M, K, D and S. Only two are not in my class. All of these people also have an addiction with high speeds, apparently. They love to race around on their snow mobiles, and they hardily use the trails that are set out for them.

They love to race on the lawns of the hospital, being a danger to all of the old people who are lodged there. There have been tons of reports to the police about these unfortunate peoples (all boys) and they are giving all youth around town a bad name.

I think that these peoples should be punished very badly. Just after school on the day Corporal Wheeler came, about seven or eight snow Mobiles came zooming by down by back lane at about 150 miles an hour. I heard later that someone almost got run over. If that person had really gotten run over, all those people would have been put in jail, and Snow Lake would have been a better place for all.

Snow Lake is becoming more dangerous then ever. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to lock my doors early from now on.


2 Responses to “The Danger of Snow Lake”

  1. I can’t believe how careless people can be sometimes. Its horrible that the people stole about 2000$ worth of stuff and vandalized things, but what suprises me the most is that the people are even endangering the old people around a hospital. This has seriously got to end.

  2. I agree with you. Those people who are riding around on hospital lawns really need a reality check. There’s a reason people make trails, and that’s to use them. Riding around populated areas at high speeds is incredibly stupid. Hopefuly those people will learn their lesson before someone is killed.

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