The Book Problem

A new study shows that Arabs in Egypt only read 1/4 of a page in a normal-sized book a year! The same study shows that Americans read eleven books in a year.

You have to know that these numbers are not exact. These numbers are only averages. On both sides, people might read more, or they might read less. I know that I read way way way more then 11 books a year. I probably read, oh, I don’t know, about 50-60?

The point of all this is that the Arabs aren’t getting all of their information! Sure, they might get some/most off of the T.V, radio and the internet, but most of the information of the world is found in books! These people need more books. Their culture and people might succumb to the horrors of modern society! (not that it already has) Give books to the Arabs! It could save a people from destruction. (This is my Igoogle post.)

This is what could happen!

This is what could happen! But only if you give Arabs books

There is a blog that I found, and it is all about books. It just so happened that there was an article bout giving Arabs books. The blog is here.

An Arab with no books in his life 😦


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