The Post


This is the post. The post about looking back on my blogging and all my iGoogle stuff. This is some info about my blog. Including this one, I have 19 posts in 2 pages, within 5 categories and no tags so far. I have gotten 16 comments, that I have all approved, I have no spam in my spam box ’cause I just deleted it sixteen seconds ago. I have the theme sunburn, and 7 widgets, and, thanks to Akismet, I am have been protected from 96 spamer thingies

This is my school blog. I really only write only school things on here, with the odd other post here and there. On some of my comments, people have said that they like my writing style, so I guess that’s okay. I try to think of unique titles to my posts, but I think I failed miserably with this one. I have sent 16 comments, strange that I have sent the same number of ones that I have received.

I have a Clustrmap, but I don’t have very many places compared to Alysa’s blog:). I used to send a not-very-good style of commenting, but I think that I have gotten better. Also, my typing spead has increased! I was so slow, but I am getting faster! I have a big blogroll, with all the people on Mr. Fisher’s blogroll, but I have Mr. Fisher, myself, and my sister.

I don’t like to use a different style of font or change colours, I only use it for highlighting things! On my blog, I guess I could focus on being a better writer, and adding more and better links, although I think that I have done pretty good on this post so far. I think that this blog has gotten very good over two months, and I also think that I can start my other section, now. My home blog site is here.


Looking back on my iGoogle stuff, ( IG, from now on) I think that I have done well with that, too. I have 4 tabs, and they are called: Home, Pets, Around the Globe, and Random Things. random Things is full of random things. Home is the tab that I first made, pets is full of pets, and Around the Globe is the tab from Mr. Fisher.

My favourite theme has bubbles flying up and down on it. I also have a theme of an astronaut mouse dude. I have learned lots of things from all my tabs, especially the Around the Globe tab. To see most of the things that I have learned, kindly look at the rest of my blog.

To improve my use of all my IG stuff, I can focus more on the othe blog, instead of just the DVICE blog. That blog sucks people in like flies to honey. I have lots of blogs on different widgets, like DVICE, Global Voices on-line, Technology, Global voices on-line, Egypt, Worldchanging, AfriGadget, Jan Chipchase, Future Perfect, and the Nata Village Blog.

That’s all for now. Watch out for ferrets!

(Please visit this site to look at the Clustrmap!!!!!!!!)


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