Just Playing!

Saturday, 2:00, New York, The Park.

Josh: Hey Devon! do you want to play with me?

Devon: No, I can’t. I have to go beat up someone.

Josh: Sounds fun. Can I come too?

Devon: Sure.

Josh: Cool! Who are you going to beat up?

Devon: YOU!!

Sound Effects: punch#2; cry#1

Park Ranger: Hey! Hey! What are you doing!

Devon/Josh: We were just playing!

Park Ranger: A likely story. Now get in the truck.

Josh: Why? Are you going to kidnap us?

Devon (running away): Don’t eat me!

Park Ranger: Well, that takes care o’ him!

Josh: What about me?

Park Ranger: I’m taking you to the homeless shelter!! Muahahahaha!

Josh (running away): But I’m not homeless!

Monday, 5:30, New York, The Zoo.

Billy: Hey, thats MY ice-cream! Give it back you big bully!

Lion: Roar.

Billy: Come on, give it back!

Lion: ROAR!

Billy: I’m going to get angry!

Lion: ROAR!!!!!!!!!

Billy: All right, mister! Come ‘ere!

Sound Effects: Punch #1, Roar #7.

Park Ranger: You! Stop punching the lion!

Billy: Why?

Sound Effects: Punch #1

Park Ranger: Stop, or, I’ll take you to the homeless shelter! Muahahah!

Billy (running away): But I was just playing!!

Tuesday, 3:29, Snow Lake, The School.

Park Ranger: …And now, to celebrate ME taking over the world, you’ll all go to the homeless shelter! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!

Students (mobbing the Park Ranger): Were not Homeless!

Sound Effects: School Bell #1

Students: Yay! Now we can go home!

Park Ranger: Rats! Once they were all inside, I would’ve blown up the shelter. Now all my plans are ruined! Wait, YOU! GO TO THE HOMELESS SHELTER! NOW! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


One Response to “Just Playing!”

  1. Wow that was extremely random. But, i liked it. It was funny. You should come check out my blog vcs.21classes.com/hasmith Its not as funny but there are some cute pictures of animals.

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