Imagen for a moment that you are stuck somewhere and your cell-phone doesn’t work because it has no batteries left. You might be saved by the innocent bystander, who is watering your plants for you for a week, and you aren’t home yet and he wants his pay. Or, you could be saved by you!

You went to the store, just to see whats new, and you came across these new batteries. Oh no! Not just any batteries, but chlorophyll batteries. You bought them, and just happened to have them when you got stuck.

Back to reality. If you were going to actually buy these batteries, you would want to know the all-important fact that these batteries can supply power within ten seconds of being wetted by something wet. This can be water, pop, or even pee.

This battery can supply power from two days to a week! The strength of the battery is about half of the power from a normal battery, it can store more energy then the Japan water-powered fuel cells.

The production of these batteries is very cheap. Only about $1-$6.They contain no toxic stuff, and will not pose an environmental risk, even if they are thrown out on the ground.

These batteries would be good for people in third world countries. They could have a power source in their pockets, just begging for usage! If you ever see any sign or something that would promote these, you should support it.


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