The Computer. Part Three

This is the third and final part to The Computer series. The computer this week is the Mac book fire.

The Mac book fire is very very fast. So fast it seems to glow and smoke. It actually glows because the chips are so powerful. A good thing about that is it stops the need for a keyboard light.

To make sure that you never have a meltdown, the shell, I guess you could call it, is made from heat-proof stuff. The monitor is also made of durable welding glass. As a joke, this computer comes with asbestos gloves. I wonder how you can type in them?

This computer most likely doesn’t come with the flames coming out of it, but it still is cool.

This computer is so awesome, that everyone is going to have or want one. The best thing is that they are wireless, so even if everyone as one, they will still be as fast as ever! To see the page I got these from, click here.

The reason I couldn’t put any links in the other posts was because all the links I found had all three computers in them. Sorry.


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