The Lightest Flower Ever.

Do you like light? I bet you like light. You do don’t you. Light to read, light to see, and light even to cook. Another question. Do you like flowers? The nice flowers in gardens, the flowers in flower shows, even wild flowers. You most likely do.

If YOU answered yes to both of these questions, I’ve got the invention for you.

On a site called WorldChanging, there is a new street light called the Light Blossom. It looks like this.

Light Blossom

Light Blossom

The Light Blossom can track the sun across the sky to get the full potential of it’s rays. It also uses wind power to run it. What does the Light Blossom do with all this energy? It uses it to power it’s street light it has built in!

It has LED bulbs that stay off during the night, but turn on when it’s motion sensors sense something moving in its range.

This will change walking outside at night. I would feel important just walking along, with lights going on in front of me, and going out behind me. Also, you might soon be able to get mini versions to put around your house and in your garden and all that.


5 Responses to “The Lightest Flower Ever.”

  1. I like the way you began your blog alot and i also like that it was short . Pretty cool invention they created but on my piont i would really not like to put this in my home .

  2. I think this would be interesting to have in your home. It is at least kind of stylish and interesting looking. Different from other lamps I have seen. Do you think people are more interested in things that have an interesting design? Would you pay more for a product that is well designed?

  3. Hey, that sounds like a good idea and it helps our enviorment. I think it is a really good idea.

  4. this is really interesting and i like the fact that it helps the environment

  5. Thts a nice invention and Yes it woul help our enviornment. I would like this in my house . I like how its shaped like a flower and its very stylish. Nice blog 🙂

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