The Computer. Part Two

Mac Book Water.

This is the second part of the three-part Computer series. The computer today is the Mac book Water.

Are you rushed for time? Do you have enough room in your suitcase or bags to carry a laptop? No? I didn’t think so. But do you have enough room to carry a water bottle? Yes? Then you can carry Mac Book’s latest computer design.

It’s a laptop in a bottle, it’s the Mac Book Water.

It is impossible to turn on this computer, so, Wait! don’t leave yet, I’m not finished! As I was saying, it is impossible to turn on this computer without pouring it out of the bottle. Yes, I said pouring. The Mac Book Water comes in a water bottle. The bottle is filled with IFluid, Mac Book’s new invention.

To turn on the computer, just unscrew the top, and pour out the IFluid on any handy flat surface. The IFluid immediately takes on the form of a keyboard and monitor, and it has less boot time then a cellphone.

When you want to turn it off and pack it up and away, press the off button where the off button usually is on a Mac Book, and use the provided sponge to wipe up the IFluid and put it back in the bottle. The neck of the bottle is a normal size, so you might want to use a funnel. Warning: Storing the Mac Book Water in it’s bottle at temperatures below zero will void the warranty.

I guess that when you pour the water out onto a flat surface, the nano things in the water will pull it together, so none will spill. the IFluid is poisonous. (duh!) Soon everyone sill have a little water-bottle with the Apple sign on it, and you will know what it is. If you think that someone doesn’t have a computer, be careful.

Spy’s and such could sneak information out of a country by storing the IFluid in another, ordinary, water-bottle, and camras and x-ray scans wouldn’t see anything! top secret information, beware!


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