Photostories about Photostories

Making Photostories

In computer class this year, our whole class did a Photostory. Well, we did a Photostory for every two people. My partner was Hannah, and we did a Photostory about what Canada means to us. to us, Canada meant nature, universal health care, and hockey.

The Photostory system was not hard to use. Not hard at all. Practically all you had to do was put in the pictures you wanted to use in your story, put them in the right order, touch them up a bit, and talk into a microphone plugged into our computer. Of course, there were extras like adding your own custom music that you can make right on the program.

Hannah and I kinda got along well. We had lots of arguments about who would say this part, and what pictures to use and stuff like that. For your information, we used pictures off of http://www.zoo-m.com/flickr-storm/. Actually, Hannah ended up saying all of the script, because my voice is too quite, and it can’t be heard on the Photostory program. When you click on the above link, please go to the referred site. Yes, I know about it, so don’t consider telling me.

Photostory is a fun experience, and if you ever get a chance, you should download it. The site to download is here.

The class in Los Angeles that we are working with did Photostories, too. Down below are some of the differences and similarities between our two sets of Photostories.


Some of the differences between the sets of Photostories are

-Theirs talks about the U.S. -They have different values then us

-Ours talks about Canada


Some of the similarities between the sets of Photostories are

-We both value freedom -Most of them talked about their goals

-They are human, just like us


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