Nero is alive!

A long time ago in Rome, there was a guy named Nero. He was big about burning things down. No-one liked him, because he was mean to everyone.

In Egypt, it seems that he has been brought back to life. There has been a few burnings a couple weeks ago, that started with the Egyptian Parliament. It seems that a cause for the fire has not yet been found. Egyptian bloggers said that the symbol of Egypt was burning down right before their eyes.

A few weeks after that, the National Theater was ablaze in flames at five PM. People say that the curtains were set on fire, and it lasted for two hours. One small relief was that there were no injuries except for minor smoke inhalation.

And now, just this week, Ghazl El Mehalla Textile Factories No. 6. 7, and 16 have burnt down. The fire lasted three hours in all.

Most Egyptian reporters say that the string of fires is very fishy. All the fires have been in places where there is highly flammable things, like wood, paper and fabrics. And all of them seem to be started just when there is no-one in extreme danger of dying, except for the fire-men, of course! When there was no-one there, or they were just coming there.

This is you

The thing about all these fires is that they are too suspicious for accidents. They all connect to a building that seems important to Egyptians. Soon, maybe all the big buildings of Egypt will go up in flames! If that happens, there will be hardly any tourists going into Egypt, and if the fires spread to all the banks and offices and things like that, no money will be coming into Egypt, either. (It doesn’t help much that tourists bring and spend money in Egypt).So if you want to travel on a vacation some-where, don’t go to Egypt, you could be blamed for a fire!

To see a video on the National Theater fire, click here! To bad it’s said in Egyptian, but it has some great shots of the fire.


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