The Computer. Part One

The Macbook Earth

The Mac Book Earth

If you like computers, then this post is for you. You have maybe heard of Mac Book Air? It was a new super fast computer, that was ultra thin, and had a awesome touch pad thingy. But what it failed to have was an Ethernet port, an optical disc drive, and no 3G wireless ability. On it’s good side, it’s really light, one of the lightest ever made!

This post is not about the Mac Book air. It’s about it’s newest cousins, The Mac Book Earth, Water, and Fire. If you like computers that are friendly to the environment, that you can pour the screen out of a bottle, or it is super-ultra-fast, then you’ll like this next part; It’s not really one post, but a series of three posts, one every two weeks.

The Mac Book computer that I’m talking about this week is the Mac Book Earth.

The Mac Book Earth is a new kind of computer. It has no electrical cord, it’s phosphoresent screen uses mere nanowatts, and it’s casing is made of 100% biodegradeable clay, so when a new version of this thing comes out, you can bury it.

The cover has the traditional apple with a bite taken out of it, but the cover also has grass-looking-stuff, and the inside around the touch pad has it, too. It comes with a mini solar power thing, so you can plug that into the computer, and the sun will charge it right up. I’m not sure about this, but I think that the solar powered thinger takes wind power too. No wait, I’m sure about that part. Imagine! A lap-top that runs on the sun and the wind!

There are no prices or release dates that I know about yet, but those are sure to come. Please visit my blog in two weeks, to see the next part of this series, the Mac Book that comes in a water bottle!

Please take a look at these links, wait, sorry, but I can’t put in any links. All the links that I have found talk about all three new computers. I just wanted a link for the Mac Book Earth, but I couldn’t find any. Sorry.

People will soon start to buy computers like this, and that will change the world! No more plug in cords, or anything!

The End….. of part one!


2 Responses to “The Computer. Part One”

  1. I think ;you have a good article . I like that you included picture of the object you were talking about . This computer seems pretty cool .

  2. Do you think this is real? Do you think a computer could really look and be like this? Why do you think you couldn’t find links to any other information on it.

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