Wakamaru! The Robot Receptionist.

So, you are this big business person, (you own a big business) and you need a door greeter. You have tried all sorts of other ones, but they didn’t do a very good job. What do you do? You hire a Wakamaru, of course!

Wakamaru are robots, and are made to greet people as they walk in the door, and can play a few games with people. The games include rock-paper-scissors, and simple calisthenic routines. The Wakamaru knows about 10,000 English words, and can make sentences, too.

Wakamaru can be rented out to different companies for $1000 a day, for up to five days. It lets people know how it’s feeling, what the time is, and what the weather is like outside. It has a recharging station, so it can recharge (duh), and has a little screen on it’s belly/chest that usually shows a red bowtie.

Sometimes, I can’t believe how smart Wakamaru is, and I think that there is a guy behind the scenes, being his voice, and telling him what to do. But, belive it or not, there is no guy *behind the scenes!* Wakamaru does all he can do, by himself, no programming necessary. (Except where he was made, but that doesn’t count)

One thing I don’t under-stand is why would you need a robot to be your receptionist, when you can use people just as well? I think that the answer is that Japan scientists just wanted to see if they could do it, or that it is a big money grab. I think that the last one is more likely then the first one.

Wakamaru is trying for a Facebook account, and has more then one hundred friends. he is also trying to get a Twitter account, so his fans can see what he is doing all day long.

stuffThere are lots of videos and pictures I could put with this post, but I already have one picture, and I am going to put in one video for you. You can see more if you type ‘Wakamaru’ into Flickr, Google, or Youtube.

This robot and robots like it are going to change the world. Soon, every major company in the world is going to have a reseptionist robot, too! Get ready to see this ‘lil yellow bot all over the place!



2 Responses to “Wakamaru! The Robot Receptionist.”

  1. I like this. It is an interesting idea. But even as a tech guy, I wonder about developments like this. Will people be replaced by machines? What will this mean for us? Do you think that humans will be comfortable interacting with machines? What do you think that this will become more common in the future? What might the consequences of this be?

  2. Eric,
    I have to agree with Mr.Fisher, I really don’t want people to be replaced by machines, But good post and an interesting topic. I think that this was a great post and it sure caught my eye! Brianna

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