Air powered car. As good as it sounds?

So, there’s this wonderful excellent person (like you). This person always did wonderfully excellent things. One day, this person heard about a new car. But it wasn’t just any new car. This was an air powered car! Because this person always did wonderfully excellent things, and an air powered car was wonderfully excellent because it didn’t ruin the environment, the person bought it.

Would you?

I wouldn’t. Not in a life-time. I wouldn’t touch the offer with a ten foot pole. Well, not with some more information, of course. That’s why I’m writing this post. To tell people about this new air-powered- car, it’s good side and it’s bad, and of course, if it really works. Lets get started.

First things first. The air powered car (APC from now on) really works! It can travel 848 (eight hundred forty-eight, for those who don’t read numbers) miles on a single tank of compressed air! How big is a tank? I don’t know:( But I don’t think it’s very big, or the car would be to heavy. Or too small, or the car wouldn’t go hardly anywhere

air powered carThis is it! The air powered car!

The APC runs on a compressed air tank, of course, and an air tank is far cheaper then a battery, quicker to charge, and easier to maintain. At first, the car couldn’t go very far, only 40-50 (forty to fifty) miles to a tank. Then Zero Pollution Motors (the company that created this particular car) added a small fuel-powered heater, which boosts the efficiency of the air engine. The only problem, is that the heater makes the “Zero Pollution” claim untrue!

So. After this information, would you buy the car when it comes out in 2010? (Two thousand, ten.) I myself still don’t really know. But I do know that this car will change the whole car business. It will change the whole world! All the other car company’s will make cars like this too. Some of them might not run on air, but other things, like water. There is a real water powered car, but it doesn’t go very far, very fast. If you want, the link on the water powered car is here. Even if you don’t want it, it’s here.

To see where I got all my information and some of my pictures, click here. (This is to tell you that I am not stealing this guy’s work, and that I am still following the copyright law. See one post down.) See a video of an air powered engine. Watch it here. This is a movie that I found on Youtube, of some British news reporter talk about the air powered engine. You should watch it. This particular engine might not be the engine in the car above, but it is very close to it if it is not the same engine.

I think that this car is very important for the world. It will change the way people think about cars. They use to think things like, “Oh, there’s another one of those polluting cars, again.” Now, they will think things like. “I’m glad that that car doesn’t pollute.” This is the end of my post. Hope you liked it.


5 Responses to “Air powered car. As good as it sounds?”

  1. Hey Eric!
    Good post. Do you think that if the air-powered car is on the market, people will start buying it? What will the goverment do with this new car? Have a good day!

  2. Eric, I’ve never herd of a air powered car.

  3. I’ve never heard of one till now, ether.


  4. eric this this they coolest blog post ever and i ahve looked at every one in the class and a few L.A kids and this one is pretty cool

  5. I think that it is cool and i would get it

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