Copy Right, or Copy Wrong?

Hello everyone. This post is about copyright. The main question that people ask is, what is copyright? Copyright is something that protects something you make. It is a license that the creator of an original work owns. if someone makes a song, and you want to mix it or something, you have to ask their permission to do so. Without copyright, someone could read a book, song, anything that you made, and they could take it and call it their own work. You used to have to apply for the rights to copyright something, but now, if you create something that is originally yours, it is copyrighted immediately. The copyright on it lasts your whole lifetime,plus fifty years after you are dead. After all that time has passed, that work goes into the Public Domain

The Public Domain is where all the things protected under the Copyright law (see later) go when the copyright time is up. Things in the Public Domain, anyone can use, for almost every purpose. Of all the books found in all the library’s of the world, the estimate is that only 15 % are in the Public domain, even though about 10 % are still in print. The other 75 % are under copyright protection.

For a creation with multiple authors, the copyright law lasts until the last author dies. for an unknown author, copyright lasts fifty years after the publication.

For something to be copyrighted, it must fit in one of the four major categories. Literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic. Second, it must be fixed in material form, not an idea in the authors head. third, the work has to be original. Say, some one writes a book, and you like the idea. You can use the idea, but not the form that the other author put it in, if that makes any sense. Finally, there must be a connection between the author and Canada, or another country/state that has a copyright law. Since almost everywhere qualifies, this last part has become largely moot.

If you create something, but want people to use parts of it, you can put it on Creative Commons!

Creative Commons is a thing that people can register the thing that they created so people can use it, but under certain conditions. Some conditions might be that you have to say that they created it, or that you can use only a specific part of it.

Some might be wondering if you can use a part of something, even if it is copyrighted. You can within certain boundaries. If you created a Walt Disney movie, (You work for Walt Disney) and the commercial people want to display some of it on a commercial, they can only use a small part of it. I think it’s ten seconds long or something.

One last thing. Under copyright, only the creator has the right to copy the work, or any part of it, in substantial form. The creator can also publish it if it is unpublished.

To see reams more information, follow this link to Wikipedia! (Due to problems, when you get to the page, look at the URL bar, and back-space the extra http;// If you can get to the Wikipedia page, ignore this postscript!)

Thats the end of my post. Hope you liked it!


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