Hello. I’m Eric. Grade 10. Northern Manitoba. Remember me? Maybe not.

I very rarely use this blog anymore, so I can’t guarantee that anything anymore.

My favourite food are mangoes.


7 Responses to “Hello?”

  1. erm, hii Eric

    How are you?
    im leaving a comment on this one because i dont feel like going to the last post well most recen post. haha

    Im doing fine, and once again im not in school. haha YAY!!! 😛

    Well ttyl

    Skittle Bitz

  2. Lol, i saw that you had leaft me a comment so i was like, ahh i will leave him a comment on his blog. and yeah. i happen tobe very bored these days. because i dont have school to skip anymore lol. i have skipped some classes in The Pas because all my classes were by different teachers so it was pretty easy. but i know i shouldnt do that. oh well in the end it was worth it. haha

  3. what? okay wel the ones i know on here are : P : ) : D ummm i dunno 😀 😛 🙂 :O 😮 uumm i duno i cant remember them

  4. : o :s :S i think its : s if not then : S

  5. Heey Eric.

    How are you?
    I know it has been a long time since i said something but I have been going through alot. I ended up at the C.S.U (Crisis Stabalization Unit) Oh well i prolly spelt that wrong. xD
    Ummm, I’m coming back to Snow Lake in July for a visit. Not coming there to live again though.
    I really like it here in Winnipeg.
    It’s nice.
    Oh by the way my friend Summer says hi.
    Haha she is a odd child…. LIKE ME!!! =D
    Ummmm………. I like cheese. xD
    Right now I’m in V.E.S.T. Lol i dont know what it stands for but we go on the computers. OMG!!!! THEY HAVE MAC COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Likeee holyy crapp this school must be rich. xD
    Umm, reply back to me and i will try to reply as fast as i can.
    Talk to you laterr. 🙂

  6. Thank you for commenting once again. Hee Hee.

    I wish that you could stay in Snow Lake because you have a lot of people here who would miss you.


    Oh! Do you remember that time when you came over to my house a long time ago, and we pretended to cook soufles? Mine kept exploding. Remember? That was, like, 6 years ago or something…


  7. Hallo, Eric. Thanks for comment on my blog. I’m so glad to be friend with people who lives oversea like as you. This is my first try to make a friend who lives in oversea.

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